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About Photoluminescence

Photoluminescence describes a material that absorbs photons ( from an active illumination source, e.g - daylight, fluorescence, artificial light etc ) and then re-radiates photons through a process of light emission. This means a material that will absorb light under normal lighting conditions and emit light in dark conditions.

4014C Jalite Lifebuoy with smoke & light

Under Normal Lighting Conditions

4014C Jalite Lifebuoy with smoke & light

In A Power Loss Situation

About Jalite Photoluminescent Materials

Jalite AAA Photoluminescent materials can be activated at very low light levels of 25 lux. In the event of power failure or in a situation where smoke obscures ceiling lights, Jalite AAA photoluminescent materials provide exceptional brightness immediately.

This initial brightness combined with the optimum longevity performance of Jalite AAA photoluminescent materials makes it the perfect material for safety products ensuring safe evacuation in a marine environment.

Jalite Photoluminescent Materials

About Jalite

In the early 1980's Jalite introduced photoluminescent safety way-guidance systems to the UK offshore oil exploration industry. This led to the production of Jalite photoluminescent safety signs for the identification of life saving appliances onboard passenger ships.

Jalite Photoluminescent Head Office

Jalite has continued to be an innovative force in the marine photoluminescent safety product market continually developing new advancements in photoluminescent technology as well as improving the quality of products and services available. Jalite have also helped to develop the crucial International Standards for photoluminescent safety products in a marine environment.

Jalite now boasts offices in Europe, Asia and the United States as well as an authorised worldwide distributor network.