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Safety of Life at Sea Guidance

This page is aimed at outlining requirements and recommendations for specific marine safety applications, notably fire control plans and muster list/emergency instructions. Please note that the following quotes are taken from SOLAS Consolidated Edition, 1997 - International Maritime Organization. The following information is provided to give company and ship service officers and other interested parties a clearer idea of requirements for the mentioned safety systems.

Regulation 20
Fire control plans and fire drills.

1 In all ships general arrangement plans shall be permanently exhibited for the guidance of the ship's officers, showing clearly for each deck the control stations, the various fire sections enclosed by "A" class divisions, the sections enclosed by "B' class divisions together with the particulars of the fire detection and fire alarm systems, the sprinkler installation, the fire-extinguishing appliances, means of access to different compartments, decks, etc. and the ventilating system including particulars of the fan control positions, the position of dampers and identification numbers of the ventilating fans serving each section. Alternatively, at the discretion of the Administration, the aforementioned details may be set out in a booklet, a copy of which shall be supplied to each officer, and one copy shall at all times be available on board in an accessible position. Plans and booklets shall be kept up to date, any alterations being recorded thereon as soon as practicable. Description in such plans and booklets shall be in the official language of the flag State. If the language is neither English nor French, a translation into one of those languages shall be included. In addition, instructions concerning the maintenance and operation of all the equipment and installations on board for the fighting and containment of fire shall be kept under one cover, readily available in an accessible position.

2 In all ships a duplicate set of fire control plans or a booklet containing such plans shall be permanently stored in a prominently marked weather-tight enclosure outside the deckhouse for the assistance of shore side fire-fighting personnel.

3 Fire drills shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of regulation III/18

4 In ships carrying more than 36 passengers, plans and booklets required by this regulation shall provide information regarding fire protection, fire detection and fire extinction based on the guidelines issued by the Organization."

Quoted from SOLAS Consolidated Edition, 1997 - International Maritime Organization

Jalite - Fire control plans

"Regulation 8
Muster list and emergency instructions

1 This regulation applies to all ships

2 Clear instructions to be followed in the event of an emergency shall be provided for every person of board

3 Muster lists complying with the requirements of regulation 53 shall be exhibited in conspicuous places throughout the ship including the navigating bridge, engine-room and crew accommodation spaces.

4 Illustrations and instructions in appropriate languages shall be posted in passenger cabins and be conspicuously displayed at muster stations and other passenger spaces to inform passengers of:

1. Their muster station;
2. The essential actions they must take in an emergency;
3. The method of donning lifejackets."

Quoted from International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea - Consolidated text of the 1974 solas convention, the 1978 solas protocol and the 1983 solas amendments.

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