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Jalite Low Location Lighting System (LLL)

A.752(18) IMO Marine Low Location Lighting System

The Jalite Low Location Lighting system (LLL) was specifically engineered to comply with SOLAS IMO Regulations A.752(18) for specification and installation. Also, as stated in Regulations II-2/28 and II-2/41-2 of the SOLAS convention:
All passenger ships carrying more than 36 passengers, the means of escape, including stairways and exits, should be marked by a Low Location Lighting ( LLL ) system at all points of the escape route.


Photoluminescent Inserts

Jalite Photoluminescent inserts satisfies the luminance performance as required by ISO 15370. Certification in accordance with Marine Equipment Directive:


Jalite Low Location Lighting Systems is available in
PVC rigid profiles. The safety wayguidance decals are supplied separately so that they can be affixed at the most pertinent places along the escape route system.

Each kit has:

4 x 2.5m lengths white gloss PVC profile.
10 x 50mm visible width x 1m lengths of Jalite AAA photoluminescent rigid PVC.
4 pairs of end caps.
1 x 10 pack of decals (Arrow left).
1 x 10 pack of decals (Arrow right).

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Escape Route LLL System
Escape Route Low Location Lighting System

LLLPVC-10 (PVC Profile)

Lifeboat LLL System
Lifeboat Low Location Lighting System

LLLPVC-10 (PVC Profile)

Assembly Station LLL System
Assembly Station Low Location Lighting System

LLLPVC-102 (PVC Profile)

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