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Marine Safety Training - ISM Code Posters



Lifeboat Launching

480 x 330mm ISM-J01

Liferaft Launching

480 x 330mm ISM-J02

Inflatable Liferafts

480 x 330mm ISM-J03

Fully Enclosed Lifeboat launching from stowed position

480 x 330mm ISM-J04

Lifeboat Launching in Dangerous Atmosphere

480 x 330mm ISM-J05

Enclosed Space Entry

480 x 330mm ISM-J06

Enclosed Space Entry Safe Signs

480 x 330mm ISM-J07

Preventing Oil Spills

480 x 330mm ISM-J08

Wheel House Poster (2 Sheets)

297 x 420mm ISM-J10

Pilot Card

297 x 420mm ISM-J11

Emergency Muster List

297 x 420mm ISM-J12

Accommodation Ladders

480 x 330mm ISM-J13


480 x 330mm ISM-J14

Man Overboard

480 x 330mm ISM-J15

Abandon Ship

480 x 330mm ISM-J16

Enclosed Space & Tank Rescue

480 x 330mm ISM-J17

Solas 1 (Poster) Life Saving Signals

600 x 425mm ISM-J18

Solas 2 (Card) Life Saving Signals

210 x 180mm ISM-J19

Free Fall Lifeboat Launching

480 x 330mm ISM-J20


480 x 330mm ISM-J21


480 x 330mm ISM-J22

Post Oil Spill Actions

480 x 330mm ISM-J23

Hot Work

480 x 330mm ISM-J24

Working Aloft or Outboard

480 x 330mm ISM-J25

Pilot Boarding Arrangements

420 x 297mm ISM-J26

Extinguisher Types

297 x 210mm ISM-J27

Personal Protective Equipment

480 x 330mm ISM-J28

Williamson Turn

297 x 420mm ISM-J29

Craneage Safety

480 x 330mm ISM-J30

Fire & Explosion Actions

480 x 330mm ISM-J31

Gas Bottle Safety

480 x 330mm ISM-J32

Welding & Flame Cutting

480 x 330mm ISM-J33

Light, Shape & Sound Signals

480 x 330mm ISM-J34

Engine & Machinery Room Safety

480 x 330mm ISM-J35

IMO Safety Signs

480 x 330mm ISM-J36

Drugs Warning Notice

297 x 210mm ISM-J37

Drugs Warning Notice

150 x 105mm ISM-J38

Drugs & Alcohol Warning

297 x 210mm ISM-J39

Drugs & Alcohol Warning

150 x 105mm ISM-J40

Drugs Use & Trafficking

297 x 210mm ISM-J41

Don't Throw Garbage Overboard

297 x 210mm ISM-J42

Discharge of Oil Prohibited

297 x 210mm ISM-J43

Shipboard Food Hygiene

480 x 330mm ISM-J44

Davit Launched Liferafts

480 x 330mm ISM-J45

Evacuation Chutes & Slides

480 x 330mm ISM-J46

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

480 x 330mm ISM-J47

Electric Shock & Serious Injury

454 x 300mm ISM-J69

Lifeboat survival booklet IMO A.657(16)

- ISM-J1601

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